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Autopilot Max

This week’s Enhance insights present the Autopilot Max function that works for all Model 3 and Y (Highland excluded).
It was developed to improve the Autopilot experience for those who prefer having their starting option set to a Current Speed inside the Tesla screen.

Autopilot Max always sets the speed to the maximum allowed by the last speed sign that your car has detected.

**How to Activate From Tesla?:**

There are still people who don't know how to do it without our products. So here all the available options:

1. Press the acceleration pedal
2. Right scroll wheel (adjust +1 via slow upward scrolling or +5 by fast upward scrolling)
3. Press and hold your right stalk down for 3 seconds
4. Tap the speed limit road sign on your Main screen

But since we specialize in optimizing actions with safety in mind, we saw room for improvement.

[If you prefer a video, check our 3-minute overview]

**Autopilot Max with Current Speed:**

The “Current Speed” option means the car will keep the speed you drove with before activating Autopilot regardless of what the allowed speed sign says (only if it is below that speed).

With our feature, you do not need to manually activate the Autopilot and accelerate it to the maximum allowed speed by one of the four methods discussed above. You can just press the button once, and the speed will start increasing to the one displayed on the little traffic sign on the screen.

*If your Autopilot is already on, using the function will raise or lower your speed to the allowed limit.

**Autopilot Max with Speed Limit:**

The “Speed Limit” option means the car will increase its speed to the one allowed by the traffic sign. But if you use our feature, you will reproduce this increase every time after pressing the button, without the need to increase it manually every time when your car does not respond to the traffic sign on the road or after you have manually decreased it via the scroll wheel.

**Additional information:**

1. Before, you used to have the option to set a % offset when reaching the maximum speed limit, but Tesla changed it. Based on your feedback, we are exploring adding an option for custom offsets. Stay tuned.
2. On Model 3 Highland, tapping the traffic sign will turn off/on the ISA alert but not increase the speed of your AP. We have not found a way to make the AP Max work on this model, alongside models S and X.
3. Activating the Autopilot Max from our mobile S3XY App/S3XY buttons/S3XY Knob might trigger activation of the Rainbow Road animation. We are working on fixing this issue.

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