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S3XY Knob

The smartest Tesla Accessory

Deliveries start in January 2024

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01-31 - Delivered


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16-31 - 2nd week of March


01-30 - end of March


Shipped in April


Shipped in April


A high-end rotary controller with over 130 smart shortcuts

open frunk

Use front door handles to open your frunk. It's better and faster instead of reaching for your phone or going inside and touching the Main screen every time you want to open your Frunk from outside the vehicle. 

unlock charging port

Use rear driver's door handle in order to unlock your charging port in case you are not on a Tesla Supercharger or your cable doesn't support automatic unlock and doesn't have button for that. Eliminating the need of reaching for your phone or going inside and touching the Main screen.

Smart & Elegant

The S3XY Knob fits perfectly in every Tesla M3/MY 2021+ and looks like a part of the car

Up to 15

Easy to Install

The S3XY Knob fits perfectly in every Tesla M3 & MY produced after 2021 central console and it looks like a part of the car.
It comes with a Next Gen Commander included in the package which will have some additional features from the current generation.
The S3XY Knob is an extension of the S3XY Buttons and not a replacement. They will work together in a synchronized way. If you already have the buttons, you can pair them with the Commander coming with the Knob and use them together.
Installation of the new Commander included in the package will be almost the same as installation of the current gen Commander.
The S3XY Knob is currently not compatible with other cars like Model S/X and older Model 3.

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shipped in March 2024


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Bluetooth 5.0
Low energy mode
Custom encryption
Cutout file for custom wraps


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