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The Commander

An OBD adapter that allows you to connect to your vehicle and add unique 

Smart Actions to your Tesla and use 3rd-party apps.

Commander Capabilities

It has a powerful CPU, a rugged design, and a lot of integrated security features to be sure that only you can access your car. It is also the gateway of our S3XY buttons to your vehicle. 

Up to
8 buttons

Up to
8 Buttons
Door Handles
Auto Off
Presenting Doors

Smart actions

Use the door handles to open your frunk or unlock/open your charge port. switch from CHILL to SPORT. Turn off AUTO High Beam and AUTO Wipers if automatically activated after start of Autopilot. And more...

Coming soon

We are working hard to bring you over 20 new smart actions in the upcoming months. You will be able to unlock all of them with an in-app purchase from your S3XY Buttons App.

Scandinavian DRLs  (daytime running lights + tail lights)
Autopilot Assist for changing lanes
Auto headlights ON when wipers are working
Disable mirrors dim at home or below a certain speed
Hold trunk handle to lower rear seats
Honk confirmation only on lock
Set wipers speed with half press of the stalk (1, 2, 3...)
Mute on Reverse
Turn on Fog lights when High Beam is on
Regen depending on the current speed
Emergency Hazard lights mode

and many more...


View the most important information in a cool full-screen design for the best driving experience. 

Want to see the juicy data of your car? Just enable "Stats For Nerds" in the Dashboard settings and explore more in-depth info about your vehicle. Degradation, Battery temperatures, Performance limits, Cells info......all is there for you to explore.

Supported Apps

open frunk

Use front door handles to open your frunk. It's better and faster instead of reaching for your phone or going inside and touching the Main screen every time you want to open your Frunk from outside the vehicle. 

unlock charging port

Use rear driver's door handle in order to unlock your charging port in case you are not on a Tesla Supercharger or your cable doesn't support automatic unlock and doesn't have button for that. Eliminating the need of reaching for your phone or going inside and touching the Main screen.

Scan My Tesla
iOS and Android-beta (paid)
iOS (paid)
Android (free)
iOS and Android-beta (paid)
iOS (paid)
Android (free)


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Installation Guide

Model 3/Y 2018-2023
Rear Installation
Standard installation for most 3/Y models, except 2023 Model Y SR Austin Build 
Fast and easy installation at the back of the Central Console
Not ideal for people that have other accessories connected at the same connector

Model 3/Y 2022-2023
Front Installation
For Model 3/Y with AMD Ryzen MCU
Easy to hide the Commander at the right side pillar under the glovebox
Ideal for people that have other accessories connected at the back of the Central Console

Model S/X 2021-2023
Front Installation
For Model S/X Refreshed  - PLAID and RAVEN
Easy to hide the Commander under the main screen


Bluetooth 5.0
Low energy mode
Custom encryption
OBD2 interface support
Range 10m



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