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S3XY Buttons

Drift Mode Pro


We've created a feature that turns your AWD Tesla into an RWD and never cuts the power to the rear m...

February Updates


Throughout all of January, we were working on some important bug fixes, as well as improvements on s...

Reach Max Allowed Speed on Autopilot


A lot of Autosteer users prefer having the option to set their speed at their current speed when act...

Off-Road Mode for Model 3/Y


Even tho the Off-Road feature is only available on the Model Y LR and Performance models, we were ab...

Continuous Autopilot by Enhance


The Smart Action: Continous Autopilot is one of the most advanced features we have ever done.It allo...

Door Handles: a Smart Action for Models 3 & Y


The Smart Action: Door Handles is the first we added to the list of our unique automated features th...

Big New Update


Unwrap a sleigh full of holiday joy with Enhance Auto’s festive surprise! This Christmas, our gift t...

Smart Actions


Door HandlesUse the door handles to open your frunk or unlock/open your charge port. It's better and...

ScanMyTesla and other apps


This article will explain basic steps to connect other apps to the Commander via a secured WiFi conn...

Tesla Cloud: Connect / Remove From S3XY Buttons


This article will guide you through the steps to add & remove the newly added Tesla Cloud features t...

Tesla App Functions Coming To The S3XY Buttons


The S3XY Buttons give you access to over 100 quick actions that sometimes can be challenging to acti...

Phone Mount & Charger For Tesla Model 3/Y


From the top, we can all agree that Tesla found a way how to put less in their cars and yet make the...

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