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Presenting Door

You requested easier access to your car, and since we specialize in optimization, we developed this function that allows the driver’s door to pop open upon approaching if you carry your Phone Key with you.

[Check out this awesome short presentation of the option used as an intro by Jake Blackstaffe from Canada:]

**What is the utility:**

We have all had our hands full and hoped for a modern solution to our modern problem, hence the development of this enhancement. It is also for the technology enthusiasts who wish to add one more to their car's autonomy.
Different people will find different scenarios when this Smart Actiion will come in handy, but we even got feedback from people with disabilities who love having the option not to fumble around the door handle.

**How it Works:**

Well, it's pretty straightforward. If you have enabled this automation from S3XY App > Commander > Presenting Door, every time your car is 'awake' and you approach it from a distance, the driver's door will pop open about 2 inches (5cm), enough for you to grab it from the top by the window and open it completely.
Note: If you want your door to open completely on it's own, as on a Model X, you need to order an additional accessory from another third-party company.


The function is in beta state as we are still monitoring your feedback. That said, we have put a disclaimer that you should use it cautiously. If your car is unlocked and, for example, you use the frunk/trunk - the driver's door will not open. You can always have this automation active and, at the same time, disable it at places where you don't want it to work- for instance, at Home, at Work, or at your favorite places [all entered via your Tesla navigation].

Since Tesla always changes things around, we have created 2 types of sensitivity to help detect when the door should open.
With Complex, you must stay near your car longer before the action triggers.
With Simple, you aim for ease of use. When we tested both on our company cars [M3 2019 and M3 Highland], we did not notice any delay that would defeat the purpose of this enhanced function.

**Additional information:**

1. This automation currently works with Model 3/Y.
2. For the Smart Action to work, you need to follow all the configuration steps: the car must be 'awake', the door must be locked, your phone must be a phone key, and the Commander must be connected to your car.
3. Parents could benefit from a no-honk entry if they select a custom unlock sound in the main screen and toggle “Disable honk on open” in Presenting Doors Smart Action in case of a sleeping toddler. Use with caution as we recommend leaving the 1 time honk just for audible sign of a lock/unlock.

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