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Off-Road Mode for Model 3/Y

Even tho the Off-Road feature is only available on the Model Y LR and Performance models, we were able to bring it to all Tesla Model 3 users who have AWD cars.

**How AWD Teslas Operate?:**

Even if your model is considered an All-Wheel-Drive, this does not mean that both motors work identically as they tend to do in 4x4 cars.
The rear motor is always the more dominant one, and around 80% of the work will be done by it. There are numerous scenarios where the front motor barely discharges, but that is for another day.

This type of performance might be great for most daily trips, but having both motors operating as one unit can be essential when it comes to off-roading or severe snow conditions.

**Off-Road [Snow] Mode:**

If you are a Model 3 owner, you will not see this feature anywhere inside that Main menu, but you can still activate it by using one of your S3XY Buttons (and Knob, eventually).

Just assign this action to any of your buttons, and the moment you press it, the Off-Road mode will be activated and displayed on your Main screen.

**How to See It's Performance:**

Inside the S3XY App, we have created a Dashboard where you can see the performance of both of your motors in 2 ways. One is shown as a graph in our OG Dash (the torque bar on the far right), and the other is in our Stats For Nerds section.

When Off-Road mode is activated, you should see both motors reaching almost identical numbers when you step on the accelerator.

Feel free to test this feature and let us know if your car handling feels different.

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Anton Stoichkov



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