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Front or Rear Installation

We received many social media, email, and Reddit inquiries asking us which is the best and what the differences are between the two. In this article, we would like to showcase each one and help you decide.

[If you are a visual learner, you can watch our general comparison video]

**Rear installation:**

Its standard location is at the back of the central console and is possible for Model 3/Y 2018-2024 [except Model 3 Highland, due to the rear screen].

Go for this location if you are a quick, easy, and practical guy/gal. Quick because you do not have to disassemble many things. Easy because you cannot do it wrong. And practical because you can easily access the Commander for removal when you go to a Tesla service center.

Although we recommend tucking the Commander between the seat and the center console in our videos, customers have contacted us to show that it is possible to hide it behind the central console rear panel if the cable is bent and twisted a little. Some hid the dangling Commander in a protective sleeve to avoid damaging it with the seat rail.

Driver’s footwell location is possible only if you do not have cables at the back of your central console panel and your car is not a Model 3 Highland.

Although the rear and the front installations give you access to the same features by the time we write this article [14.06.2024], the biggest drawback of this location is that it cannot access the additional CAN bus, which we are currently working on. The second CAN bus will allow the display of advanced statistics in our virtual Dashboard and access to additional functions, which you can read below.

 **Front installation:**

It is possible for Model 3/Y built after 2021. It is mainly compatible with AMD processor-equipped cars, but we discovered that some Intel processor cars also have cables in the front and can also benefit.

We call this type of installation ‘advanced’ since it takes 5 minutes extra compared to the rear one, and it accesses advanced signals. It is superior to the rear one due to the available hardware and space. It is concealed with plenty of room for the Commander and the option to daisy-chain an additional accessory. Some of the functions that will be exclusive to customers who choose this location are:

- Blind spot indication and Smart Action for the Model 3 Highland
- Tow mode
- Allowed Autopilot Speed displayed
- Traffic Signs displayed
- Nag illumination
and others that will be revealed as we explore our possibilities.

To summarize, rear installation is simple, and simple does not mean bad, but if you are a technophile like us and are interested in achieving the maximum from the current technology, we recommend the front installation as it will only add more value to our product with the upcoming functions, statistics, and Smart Actions.

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