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February Updates

Throughout all of January, we were working on some important bug fixes, as well as improvements on some of the features in the Commander, Knob, and the S3XY app.

Here is what is new in this update:

**Commander v. 4.2.6:**

  1. **Continuous Autopilot:** - on some model 3s with HW v. 2.5, this feature was not working as intended. Now, it will perform as it should and re-engage your AP after your turn signal stops blinking.
  2. **Volume Control:** - now, every press/turn will increase/decrease your media volume by 1 rather than 2.
  3. **Open Doors:** - the rear [falcon wing] doors on Model X were not opening when a button was pressed. Now, this has been fixed.
  4. Other improvements and bug fixes

 **Knob v 2.2.11:**

  1. **Brightness Controls:** - now you can manually adjust the brightness level of the Display and the LED under it, as well as set it to Auto, which will change based on the brightness of the Main Display in your car. We have also added an option where, if your brightness is on Auto, you can make it a bit dimmer via an offset.
  2. **Ambient Light:** - you can set your own color for each function to Auto [blue] or enable Dynamic Colors, which adds specific pre-set colors to some features. 
  3. **Display/LED Power Off:** - choose if the Knob should power off automatically when you exit your car or turn off after a specific time of inactivity. 
  4. **Execute on Enter:** - choose when a feature will be activated. You can set it to be executed on a direct press or after you enter that specific feature with the first press. 
  5. **Return to Home:** - you can decide when a feature will be exerted. One option is to stay in it until you push down the dial, or it will auto-exit after a specific time of inactivity. 
  6. **Haptic Feedback:** - the strength level of it has been increased, and now you can choose how you want it to work. Option 1 is to keep it at the normal level [strong]. Option 2 is Gentle level [40% weaker than Normal]. Option 3 is to turn it off entirely. 
  7. **Unit State:** - you can finally choose between Farenhight, Celcisus, Miles, and Kilometers. 
  8. Other improvements and bug fixes

**S3XY App v. 4.2.1:**

  1. **Knob Controls:** - new setting screen is added for full Knob customization.
  2. **New Stat:** - now, you can track your battery Min and Max cell temperature via the tiles on the Home screen.
  3. **Battery Preconditioning:** - now the Tiles will display the actual state of this feature.
  4. **Battery SOC:** - when weather is cold, the % inside the app was a bit off. Now it will show the correct value.
  5. Other improvements and bug fixes.

There are a lot of new cool features that will be added to the Knob with the update in March, such as rear seat heater control, media control, drift mode, and off-road mode.

We are also working on many improvements to the Commander and the buttons, which will be released with the next update. So stay tuned, and don't forget to join our Discord channel, where we help the community with any issues they might have.

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