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Six S3XY Buttons Gen2

6 Buttons + Commander + OBD Cable + Stickers + Pry tool

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Choose your model:
Model S 2021+
Model 3
Model X 2021+
Model Y
Choose your year:
2024 (Highland)
Choose your connection:
Rear Connection
Fast and easy installation at the back of the Central Console. Not ideal for people that have other accessories connected at the same connector.
Front Connection
Compatible with AMD Ryzen cars produced after 2021. Installation in the front right footwell area underneath the glovebox. Ideal for those that want to keep the minimalist look of the car or have other accessories connected to the back the Central Console.


The Six S3XY Buttons bundle gives you the possibility to have up to 18 shortcuts right at your fingertips, numerous unique Smart Actions, and In-App Dashboard with stats.

The most popular shortcuts for people with 6 buttons are:
- Open Glovebox / Autopilot Control
- Acceleration Mode / Regen Control
- Fold Mirrors / Dome Lights
- Battery Preheat / Open Frunk
- Wipers Control / Headlights Control
- Seat Heating / Rear Vent


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