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Phone Charger For Tesla Model 3 & Y (bundle)

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Phone Charger For Tesla Model 3 & Y (bundle)

All-Black phone mount & charger that perfectly fits behind the steering wheel on Tesla Model 3 and Y.

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This OEM-like gadget will maintain the clean look of your interior.
Place any phone that runs your favorite Tesla app on it, and you will instantly have a Dashboard in your model 3/Y.
Easy installation and all the tools are provided within the box.

See the Installation Guide here: https://enhauto.com/charger-guide.


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what do I get?

Phone Charger For Tesla Model 3 & Y (bundle)

Wireless buttons for QUICK ACTIONS with sticky tape that you can place wherever you want

smart functions

Enable unique features to your car trough our COMMANDER


Stunning Tesla dashboard right inside the S3XY Buttons App

quick actions

Currently supported QUICK ACTIONS which could be assigned to ANY button from the app

Open Glovebox
Use this Action to quickly open the glovebox. Useful for the Driver as well as for the Passenger.
Drive mode Acceleration *
Temporarily overwrite the level of acceleration set through the main screen. Choose from: 
- Toggle
- Chill On/Off
- Sport On/Off
Regenerative Braking *
Temporarily overwrite the level of regenerative braking set through the main screen. Choose from: 
- jump to 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%
- step UP (+25%)
- step DOWN (-25%)
Media Controls
Control your currently playing media with your right hand or give the control to your passenger. Choose between: Next, Previous, Volume Up, Volume Down, Pause and Mute
Charge port
Open, Close or Unlock your charging port. Useful function to quickly release the charging cable if it's not Tesla compatible and if it's not equipped with self release button.
Open Trunk
Open the trunk of your Tesla. This feature works only when the  gear selector is at P and the vehicle is Unlocked due to security reasons.
Fold Mirrors
Handy function to quickly fold the mirrors in tight spaces or passing by. Press again to unfold them.
Open Frunk
Open the frunk of your Tesla. This feature works only when the gear selector is at P and the vehicle is Unlocked due to security reasons.
Hazard Lights
Turn on or off the Hazard lights of your Tesla. In some Tesla Model 3 the button for hazard lights is pretty small and is located next to SOS button so it's pretty tricky to activate when in a hurry.
Park Brake
Activate Parking Brake. Useful if you want to have an extra security when parked downhill.
Interior Lights *
Turn ON and OFF all 4 interior lights with a press of one button instead of going trough the menu or pressing them one by one.
Track Mode
Avoid browsing trough the main screen and activate it with just one click. If you press it when in Drive the request is stored and next time you go to P the Track Mode becomes active. Second press deactivates it.
Heated Seats Front/Rear *
Activate Front/Rear seats individually using Toggle levels 3, 2, 1 or activate at max level with a single press. Second press will turn it OFF. You can also activate all rear seat heaters at once.
Steering Wheel *
Activate the Steering wheel heater. Toggle between ON and OFF.
Tilt/Dim Mirrors *
Temporarily overwrite the "Mirrors Auto DIM" or "Mirrors Auto TILT" set through the main screen. The button work as an On/Off toggle on every press. 
Honk Horn
A useful function to warn pedestrians or quickly honk the horn when needed for a very short time. Choose between: Short or Long.

Voice Command
Request voice commands feature of your vehicle. A useful function for the passengers both in the front or rear seats. Now everybody can control the car or play his favorite music.
Climate Control *
Every Button press will increase/decrease the fan speed by 1 level. Another option is to toggle between MIN/MAX fan speed or toggle AC and Recirculation.

Defog/Defrost *
Press once to defog the windshield. Second time to defrost the windshield. Third time to turn off and restore to default settings.
Temporarily overwrite the wipers speed with Up/Down button or directly set it to a specified speed. There are 19 different functions to choose from and even more levels than your car offers.
Every press of the button will enable the Autopilot. A useful feature for changing lanes with Basic Autopilot or when it was manually disengaged.
Child UnLock*
Unlock rear doors for 10 seconds. After that the doors will be locked again. Handy function to quickly let your grown kids out of the car.
Headlights On
Turn on Low beam, High beam or even the Fog lights (beta) with a click of a button.
Open Doors
Unlatch one of the doors of your car. Useful in winter for Driver's door or when you want to let someone in easily.
Rear Fan*
Start or stop the rear fan. Give control to the rear seat passengers for their maximum comfort.
Activate Turn Signals or other functions from an easier button next to your hand or wherever convenient for you.
Battery Preconditioning*
Manually prepare your car for supercharging to non-Tesla chargers and check the status on the S3XY Dashboard.
Other cool 
new actions...

* this feature's state change is not visualized on Tesla's main display.

Suggest a New action

Is there a quick action you are missing? Share it with us! If we implement it we might name it after you ;)

s3xy buttons app

ADD new buttons

 SET quick actions

ENABLE smart functions

ENJOY stunning dashboard

Try   DEMO Mode   in our app and see for yourself!

setup IDEAs

most popular

Access the most used functions with only ONE click instead of browsing trough the menus on the main screen every time. Reach the buttons easily with your right hand - SAFER and QUICKER.

media master

Control your media with your right hand without reaching to the main screen. Setting up the buttons this way gives your the freedom and accessibility to your Media controls at any time with any hand.

It's very useful for the passenger too.

regenerative braking

This configuration allows you to explore new settings for your regenerative braking. You can choose only Low (50%) and Standard (100%) from the main screen, but S3XY buttons give you fine-tuning between 0% and 100% in a 25% step.

central console

This setup gives you opportunity to explore a lot of combinations and new ways of controlling your vehicle.

it's your choice...

Every button can be configured for every action so it's up to your imagination to arrange and configure all the buttons you have in the most convenient for you way. You can position them next to the functions they are assigned to or where you feel they fit best.

If you want to feel like James Bond 007 you can even stick them as hidden buttons to the back of the main screen! 

Installation guide

5 minutes to install the COMMANDER  +  5 minutes to setup the buttons
No special tools or skills needed
Non invasive setup
Easy to remove at any time

1. Move driver seat fully forward

2. Power off your vehicle from the main screen
3. Remove plastic cover at the back of the central console
4. Plug-in our cable between the two connectors of the vehicle
5. Place back the plastic cover and ENJOY!



Bluetooth 5.0
Low energy mode
Custom encryption
Long battery life (2 years)
Battery type (CR2032)
Range 10m


Need more buttons?

(add to the kit you already have)

Two S3XY Buttons

Two shortcut buttons right at your fingertips. Use them for the Glovebox and Wiper for example or any other function you like.

Four S3XY Buttons

Four buttons with the iconic letters of all Tesla models look great inside your car and give you Quick, Safe and Easy shortcuts.


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