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Commander Gen2

In-app Dashboards + Stats for nerds + Smart Actions + Connect Scan My Tesla

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+ cable for Model 3 2018
+ cable for Model 3/Y 2019-2023 (Rear Installation)
+ cable for Model 3/Y 2021+ AMD Ryzen (Front Installation)
+ cable for Model S/X 2021-2023
+ cable for Model 3 2024 Highland (Front Installation)


The Commander allows you to add a real-time Dashboard full of stats to your Tesla. Download the "S3XY Buttons" app on your phone to get access to it.

You can also activate our unique Smart Actions, such as:
- Door Handles - a shortcut to open your Frunk or Charge Port by the door handles
- Presenting Doors - automatically pop-open the driver's door when approaching the car (like on Model X)
- Check out other Smart Actions here:

Connect it to other apps like ScanMyTesla, TesLAX, or CANDash.

The Commander supports Software Update, and it's getting better over time.

You can add a maximum of up to 8 physical buttons to one Commander and assign up to 24 shortcuts to them.

NOTE: You will need a cable to connect the Commander to the car, which can be selected now.


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2 Add-on S3XY Buttons Gen2

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Commander Gen2

In-app Dashboards + Stats for nerds + Smart Actions + Connect Scan My Tesla


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