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FREE worldwide shipping on all orders over $140


Available from our S3XY Buttons App showing you the right information on the right place!

You can run it on your old phone or tablet placed behind the steering wheel
or just enjoy it on your primary phone from time to time while you drive.

dashboard modes

s3xy dash

View most important information in a cool full screen design for the best driving experience. All values are updated in Real-Time with no latency: Speed, StateOfCharge, Gear, Power consumption and Regen, Power Limits, Front and Rear motor torque and power, Lights status (High beam, Low beam, Fog lights and Parking lights).

*Autopilot state and other values are not supported yet

Stats for nerds

Want to see the juicy data of your car? Just enable "Stats For Nerds" in the Dashboard and explore more in-depth info about your car. Degradation, Battery temperatures, Performance limits, Cells info......all is there for you to explore.
We are constantly adding new features, so check for updates or let us know what you want to see.

mini dash

Quickly check the essential data right on the home screen of the App in a compact design. See changes between Sport and Chill or the current consumption from your battery.

How it works

When the app is opened the COMMANDER starts sending relevant car data to the phone in a proprietary format. The data is optimized for smooth display of different sensors and real time values in the S3XY Buttons App.

List of supported functions will grow in the future with App and COMMANDER software updates.

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