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Temperature synchronization with Tesla

We came up with a solution to synchronize the cabin temperature as well as the heated seats system when operated from the Knob. We are among the few Tesla-authorized companies using the new Tesla API. The magic happens as follows - the Knob signal is sent to the S3XY app, which resends the signal to the Tesla server, and then the signal is sent back to your car.

**How to make it work:**

[If you are a visual learner, follow along our video]

1. First, you need to log in to your Tesla account (internet connection required) from:

- Open our app > Settings > Log in with Tesla Account
- From the Knob tab inside the S3XY App > Log In (above the image there is Log in text)

2. Select the correct region at the region screen and press 'Sign in.' Note that we do not have access to servers in the Chinese region, so the synchronization will not work if you live in that part of the world.

3. Login with your Tesla account details (we do not store that information; it goes directly to the Tesla server, which returns a token that we use upon signing in)

4. You are redirected to the Permissions page – select all checkboxes and press 'Allow' (for the actions to be executed, the Tesla API needs all clusters of permissions to be selected. We do not use all the data, but due to the nature of their placement, you have to allow all of them.)

5. If the connection was successful and you own more than 1 Tesla vehicle, you must go into your Tesla app and select the car you want to connect with our S3XY app.

6. Once the car is selected, return to the S3XY app and press the 'Request' button to be redirected to the Tesla app. Select 'Approve' there so your Tesla account approves the access.

7. You should receive a 'Success' message.

- If the app cannot establish a connection, you will receive an error message, 'Unable to Share Vehicle,' which will request that you use your Tesla card. Just follow the instructions on the Tesla display.

 **To be kept in mind:**

1. It is essential not to skip any of the steps, otherwise the car will think there is a connection when there will be none. In case you missed a step, here is how you can fix it:

Step 1: Visit the following Tesla link, enter your Tesla credentials, and see what permissions you have allowed our app [you need to give access to all the permissions by selecting all check boxes]:

Step 2: Go back to the S3XY app, go to the General settings menu, and try the Register App With Car tab [which will take you to your Tesla app and ask you to approve the permissions] or select the Log in With Tesla Account tab and go through the steps once again.

2. For the moment, Tesla supports mainly the climate functions, but it will probably add more functions with future updates.

3. The error "Expected 17-character VIN in path (do not use Fleet API ID)" can be fixed from the S3XY app Settings if you log out of your Tesla account and then log back in.

4. The error "User out of region, use base URL" can be fixed if you select the right region from the list of how to make it work.

5. For Android, the app needs to be open in the foreground, and for iOS, it can be minimized in the background. However, for both, the app must not be force-closed; otherwise, the heated seats and temperature will not sync on the car display.

- We are reworking the part that requires the Android app to run in the foreground and iOS to run in either the foreground or background. The update, which will include it, is planned for September 2024.

6. You may notice a delay in the synchronization - this varies depending on your network coverage and the workload of the Tesla servers. It is barely noticeable in our video.

Stay tuned, and don't forget to join our Discord channel, where we help the community with any issues they might have.

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Dragomir Groshevich



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