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Smart Actions

Door Handles

Use the door handles to open your frunk or unlock/open your charge port. It's better and faster instead of reaching for your phone or going inside and touching the Main screen every time. Just press the door handle half the way and let go - the COMMANDER will know that instead of opening the door you want to execute the smart action and it will do it for you.
⚠️For cars manufactured after 2021 this feature is activated by a Long Pull instead of the Half Press described here and as a consequence, the door is opened too.


Enable your car's max power by pressing the accelerator pedal fully down. Based on the predefined threshold the COMMANDER will switch from CHILL to SPORT (or PLAID if you have it). The power will be increased gradually in 2-3 seconds.

Auto OFF

Turn off AUTO High Beam and AUTO Wipers if automatically activated after start of Autopilot (introduced with Tesla update 2022.24.6). When this feature is enabled the car will not force AUTO settings for the High Beam and Wiper and you can turn them On and Off wherever you like.
Note, Tesla Vision needs the High Beam for normal operation. Use this Smart Action at your own risk!

Presenting Doors

This feature will Pop-open the driver’s door when Phone-Key is approaching the car (similar to the Self-Presenting doors on Model X).
Required conditions:
- The car should be awake (use phone app, preconditioning or sentry)
- All doors and trunks should be closed
- The car should be locked
- The phone should be added as a key and it should have stable a Bluetooth connection with the car 
You can choose between Complex and Simple sensitivity depending on your preference and your phone's Bluetooth strength. Complex requires approaching the car from farther away and waits more time for the BT strength to settle. Simple opens the door if the phone is passing only through the closest proximity zones but it might not work well with some phones.
⚠️We encourage a higher level of vigilance while this option is enabled as it's still in Beta testing! For a safer experience, please enable the Door Open notification inside your Tesla app. Also, check the status frequently when leaving the vehicle since the Bluetooth signal strength might fluctuate, and there might be an unintended opening.

See compatibility here.

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