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Regeneration Features With S3XY Buttons

In this article, you will learn about the different modes of Regen Braking that your car can do via the S3XY Buttons and why some are more useful than others.

Regenerative Braking is a system allowing you to re-cooperate juice to your car's battery when your foot is off the acceleration pedal.
Currently, Tesla offers two types of Regen: Standard (100%) and Low (50%).

The first one gives your car maximum battery recharge by applying brakes when you are not accelerating. Even though this might sound useful, people (especially passengers) often report feeling sick due to the car's constant rocking motion.

The second generic option allows you to reduce the unpleasant heavy braking significantly, but it still might not be optimal for some people.

With the S3XY Buttons, you can control the Regenerative Braking anywhere from 0% to 100% with a single click.
Currently, there are 4 modes to choose from, and you can learn all about them below.

Toggle Between

Every time you start your drive, your Tesla will have a default regen setting applied to it.
But with this feature, you can shift between the pre-programmed value and the car's default settings.
So let's say your Tesla is set to 100% regen, and the button is programmed at 0% (no resistance at all), the first press of the S3XY Button will put your car into 0% regen, and the second press will return it to its original state.

Increase / Decrease

Here with each press of the button, you can increase or decrease the amount of regen by 25% until you reach its highest / lowest value.
This feature is helpful for those using the S3XY Dashboard, which displays in real-time the amount of regeneration your car is producing.


Like the previous feature, this option allows you to increase or decrease your brake's resistance by 25%, but once you reach the highest or lowest value, it will loop around and repeat the shifting cycle.

Set To

If you are not using the S3XY Dashboard (and to be honest, you should use it 😄), there are times when you might not be sure what level of regen your car is set to. But with this feature, each press of the S3XY Button will force your vehicle into its pre-programmed regeneration value.

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