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Reach Max Allowed Speed on Autopilot

A lot of Autosteer users prefer having the option to set their speed at their current speed when activating it.
And it seems that many still don't know that they can increase their speed to the maximum allowed by the traffic sign by holding down the right stalk for about 3 seconds (and yes, we know that you can also do it via the pedal, the right scroll wheel, and by tapping on the traffic sign itself).

That is why we have made a feature for the S3XY Buttons that simulates a long press of your right stalk, and we called it Autopilot Max.

**What Does it Do?:**

  1. Activates your AP and sets its speed equal to the road sign that your Tesla cameras have last detected.
  2. Change your Current speed on AP to the maximum allowed by the traffic sign.

[see it in action]

*This feature will not work for you if you are a Model S/X or Model 3 Highland owner [unfortunately].

**Who is This Feature For?:**

  1. Those who prefer having their Set Speed option set on Current Speed instead of the Speed Limit one but occasionally want to accelerate to the max allowed speed.
  2. Those who enjoy one-hand driving and don't want to reach forward for the stalk.

**More Cowbell Song?:**

If you have been using our feature for a while, you might have seen that from time to time, the "slightly" annoying song More Cowbell starts playing for no reason.
The issue is that Tesla activates it when you press the right stalk down a few times, the same thing we simulate when starting the Autopilot Max feature through a button.

We have tried to find a way to remove it, but with no success for now, so if the song starts playing, use your left scroll wheel once to turn it off. [sorry about this in advance :P ]

**Adding Off-Set:**

Many have asked us if we can return the option for Off-Set to the Current Speed setting, but unfortunately, we cannot do it at the moment. Maybe we will find a way to do so in the future, but not for now.

If you have found this feature useful, share it with other Tesla owners. Many of them still don't know about us, and any help is greatly appreciated. <3

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Created by:

Anton Stoichkov



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