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Drift Mode Pro

We've created a feature that turns your AWD Tesla into an RWD and never cuts the power to the rear motor, even if the tires are slipping. That way, you can drift your vehicle without any issues.

That said, if a person has never drifted before, some steps need to be followed so you have a pleasant experience using this feature.

**How it Works?:**

Stopping the front motor from working is not the only thing that needs to be done so your vehicle is suitable for drifting.
Tesla has implemented numerous safety features that prevent you from doing so, but we found a way to modify that.

The main changes we have made are:

  1. Modify the ESP never to stop giving power to your rear motor when it senses that your tires do not have any traction
  2. Turn off the stability control of the vehicle
  3. Turn off the Regen
  4. Turn off the emergency braking

The good part is that once you restart your car (or exit it for a second), the system will reboot, and all your default settings will be active again.

**What to be Aware of?:**

We had a few users report that when they try using this feature, their car goes into a "safety" mode, and they cannot drive with more than 10km/h until they leave their vehicle.

The reason is that their rear motor reaches very high speeds for too short of a time when the tires do not have any traction with the road underneath.

For that reason, you need to follow these rules so your car never loses its discharge:

  1. Avoid icy roads
  2. Do not try to do burnouts [remember, its called drifting]
  3. Start your drift when your car is already moving, not when it stands still
  4. Always turn the steering wheel first and then press on the accelerator
  5. Give enough power to your motor so that the car can start sliding without pressing the pedal to a 100%

If you want to see it in action, watch this video:

 **Which Models You Can Drift With?:**

It will work for every Tesla model that our S3XY Buttons support! No matter if it is an SR, LR, or a Performace/Plaid model.

To see all the features we have created, visit this link:

If you have tried using our Dirft Mode Pro feature, feel free to share your videos with us on any of the platforms below, and don't forget to tag us so we can share them with the world. :)

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Anton Stoichkov



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