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Door Handles

The Door Handles automation is created for those looking for quick access to their frunk or Chargeport. It allows you to re-program both of your front handles and the rear-left one to execute an additional feature by long-pulling on them instead of only opening your door.

The way it works is pretty straightforward: pull on your door handle and hold it for the amount of time you have pre-set via the S3XY app when the feature needs to be executed.

All Models 3 made before 2021 had an extra sensor inside their door handles that allowed us to catch it being used mid-way, which is why those models have an additional option to control it called Half-Press.
The way it works is you press on the door handle only halfway [before it gets to the point where it opens your door], and the action will get executed. After some practice, you will get a handle [no pun intended] on it, and you will be able to get it each time.

**Open Frunk:**

You can configure this Smart Action only for the front door handles. It was developed for convenience and practicality. That way, you do not need to open it from the Tesla app or go inside the car and open it from the main screen.

Note: If you have equipped your car with a powered frunk, pulling/pressing on your door handle again will close your drink.

**Open/Unlock Charge Port:**

This Smart Action can be configured only for the rear left handle since it's closest to your charge port.
If a charging cable is not plugged in, when using the Door Handles smart action, you will open and close the charging port lid. But if a cable is plugged in, when you pull on the door handle, the wire will get unlocked so that you can pull it out from the charge port. This feature is convenient for those not using the original Tesla charging adapter.

[see it in action]


Safety and security have always been our top priority. To make you feel safe, we have added an extra security layer to this Smart Action: Your Frunk will not open when you are away, and your car is Locked. That way, no one can open it except you. 

You can enable an extra setting for the Open/Unlock charge port smart action, which only executes when the car is Unlocked. That way, even if the car is awake, no one from outside will be able to unlock your cord since they will need your Phone key or your Card to unlock the car first.

If you find this Smart Action useful, feel free to share it with friends and acquaintances you think may like it. As always, we really appreciate your support! 

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