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Continuous Autopilot by Enhance

The Smart Action: Continous Autopilot is one of the most advanced features we have ever done.
It allows your Tesla to re-engage its Autopilot after you do a lane change automatically.
[Currently, this smart action works on all 3/Y Models with Basic/Enhanced Autopilot, but in the future, it will work on refreshed model S/X]

**How it Works:**

  • Enable this Smart Action from the S3XY App
  • Activate your Autopilot via a stalk or button [make sure your Autosteer Activation is set on Double Press/Pull]
  • When ready to do a lane change, first activate your Turn Signal [use Full Press of the stalk to activate it, not a Short Press].
  • Then steer to the lane you want to go to and let your car disengage the Autopilot on its on
  • When you get to the new lane, cancel your turn signal by hand or use the Auto Cancel feature [the moment your turn signal stops blinking, a timer begins counting the seconds when your Autopilot will engage]
  • The Autosteer will re-engage on its own

**When it Will NOT Work:**

  • When your activation setting for the Autosteer is set to Single Press/Pull
  • When you do not activate your Turn Signal before canceling the Autopilot
  • When you press your Brake Pedal while on Autopilot or TACC
  • When you are driving at a lower speed than selected inside the Continous Autopilot setting


The Activation timer's default setting will re-engage your Autopilot in 4 seconds after your turn signal stops blinking. But you might prefer it to be anywhere between 1 and 6 seconds. Play around with that option and make it fit your driving style.
Also, you can set the speed at which this feature will not be active. It is a valuable setting for those who only want to use it on the highway but not in the city.

If you like how this feature works and think you know others who might enjoy it, feel free to share this article with them. We always appreciate your support! :)

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Created by:

Anton Stoichkov



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