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Autopilot Features With S3XY Buttons

In this article, you will learn about the different autopilot options and the benefits of using the S3XY Buttons with them.

The AP (Autopilot) system of Tesla is one of its most unique features by far.
Millions of people use it so that they can lean back and relax during their daily commute.

Even tho everyone mainly loves the Tesla AP, there are still a few annoying parts about it (like the constant Nag 😉).
And this is where the S3XY Buttons come in.

You can place one on your armrest and control the Autopilot without moving your hand. That way, your ride becomes way more enjoyable.

Here are the current 4 options you can choose from:

Cruise Control

The TACC(Traffic-Aware Cruise Control) is designed to help you maintain a constant speed limit and keep a safe distance between you and the cars ahead without keeping your foot on the acceleration or brake pedal.
When you use an S3XY Button for the CC, the first click of it will activate the TACC, and the second will disable it.
It works the same as activating it by pressing down on the steering wheel stalk once.


Autopilot enables your car to steer, accelerate, and brake automatically within its lane.
Like the feature above, with the first press on an S3XY Button you will activate the AP, and the second will disable it.
It works the same as double-pressing on the steering wheel stalk of your Tesla.

Autopilot ON (Resume AP)

Now this is a handy one.
With each button press, you will force your car to activate its Autopilot feature.
It comes very useful (especially if you are on Basic AP) when you have to take control of your vehicle while on AP (like to do an unexpected maneuver), and then you want to resume it quickly.

Autopilot Hands-On

Definitely the most used feature of all.
Every time your AP Nag (the blue warning on the top left side of your main screen) comes up, you must physically touch your steering wheel so the car knows you are paying attention.
However, with the S3XY Buttons, you can dismiss the Nag with each press without moving your hand from the armrest. Pretty cool, right?

Note that all AP features require your full attention. The buttons are there to make your ride comfortable but not distracting.
Due to your country's regulations, the AP Hands-On feature might not work in your region. For more info, visit our website.

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